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Muhammad the Businessman 1
Muhammad the Emancipator of women 1
Muhammad the Judge 1
Muhammad the King 1
Muhammad the Law-giver 1
Muhammad the Orator 1
Muhammad the Philosopher 1
Muhammad the Preacher 1
Muhammad the Protector of Slaves 1
Muhammad the Reformer 1
Muhammad the Refuge of orphans 1
Muhammad the Saint 1
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Muhammad the Warrior 1
Muhammad was more than honest. Human sympathy 1
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a hero. The Encyclopedia Britannica says that Muhammad is the most successful of all Prophets and religious personalities. But the success was not the result of mere accident. It was not a hit of fortune. It was recognition of fact that he was found to be true metal by his contemporaries. It was the result of his admirable and all compelling personality. As honest man 1
as the saying goes 1
based on research 1
comedy 1
french and indian war 1
having literary merit and supported by original sources (Last of the Prophets ordained as a mercy unto mankind. There is no dearth of history in English literature. This particular Biography vividly depicts the story of Islam in dramatic running style and lucidly brings out the glorious character of the Holy Prophet and his perseverance as a mercy unto Mankind magnifying the universality of Islam. The personality of Muhammad! It is most difficult to get into the truth of it. Only a glimpse of it can be catch. What a dramatic succession of picturesque scenes. There is Muhammad the Prophet. There is Muhammad the General 1
he is like 1
hot dogs 1
human love was the music of his soul. To serve man 1
in a word to humanize man- this was the object of his mission 1
in action he had the good of humanity as his sole inspiration 1
in all these departments of human activities 1
in word 1
is the noblest work of God 1
spring 1
taser 1
the be all and end all of his life. In thought 1
to educate man 1
to elevate man 1
to purify man 1
tom smith 1
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